MG N-Type Magnette NE Sports Racing Aramis

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N-Type Magnette NE Sports Racing Aramis





The MG N-type Magnette is a sports car that was produced by MG from October 1934 to 1936. The car was developed from the K-Type and L-Type but had a new chassis that broke away in design from the simple ladder type used on the earlier cars of the 1930s being wider at the rear than the front and with the body fitted to outriggers off the main frame.

Only 745 N-Types were built between 1934 and 1936, and of these a very small number of cars were fitted with Airline coupe bodywork.

H. W. Allingham of London was responsible for the design and marketing of the MG Airline coupes. Rather than set up a coachwork facility, he designed car bodies such as the MG P and N-Series Airline Coupes, and in the case of the N-Series, sub-contracted Carbodies to actually construct them. Carbodies had been founded in 1919 when former Charlesworth employee Robert Jones bought out Gooderham & Co. One of their best customers, MG supplied Carbodies with the majority of their business from 1925 to 1930.

It has been debated that as few as six, or as many as twelve Airline coupes were built and fitted on P, N and T-series chassis. However, all agree that very few examples of “The prettiest MG ever,” survive today.

The NE was the competition variant built for the 1934 Tourist Trophy race. Lightweight 2-seat bodies were fitted and the engine was further tuned to give 68bhp (51 kW) at 6500 rpm. In 1935 three of the cars were fitted with P-Type style bodies and formed the Musketeer racing team which with factory support gained considerable success in various trials.

Kimber's new works team of Type NE Magnettes featured single-overhead camshaft 1,271cc 6-cylinder engines, breathing through twin SU carburettors. With triple valve springs, high-crown pistons and a comperession ratio as high as 9.8:1 they delivered a claimed 74bhp at 6,500rpm. Six MGs competed, entrusted to drivers Bill Everitt, Captain George Eyston, Wal Handley, Charlie Dodson (in '0522'), Norman Black and A.P. 'Ginger' Hamilton. They formed Class F, and their ascribed race handicap was 1 lap, 9 minutes 26 seconds.

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