Bugatti 23 Brescia by Bigatti

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23 Brescia by Bigatti





A 2-valve version of the Type 17 with a boat-tail body was built in 1913 as the Type 23. It also had the oval radiator of the Type 22.

Bugatti capitalized on the racing success of the Type 13 "Brescia" four places at the 1921 Italian Grand Prix for Voiturettes, held at the eponymous racetrack in Lombardy with the full-production post-war Brescia Tourer. Longer wheelbase Type 22 and Type 23 models were made, both of which used the single-overhead-camshaft 16-valve Brescia engine and were built alongside 8-valve 'Petit Pur Sang' versions. And 2,000 examples were built from 1920 through 1926 with engine capacities of 1,368, 1,453 and 1,496cc, making it the first full-production multi-valve car ever made.

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