Peugeot Lion Type V2Y2 Sports Car

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Lion Type V2Y2 Sports Car





The Lion-Peugeot Type V2Y2 was an early motor car produced near Valentigney by the French auto-maker Lion-Peugeot in 1910. It closely resembled the manufacturer’s Type V2C2, but it had a larger engine and was faster. 300 V2Y2s were produced.

The V2C3 was propelled using a two-cylinder 1,702 cm³ four stroke engine, mounted ahead of the driver. This was the largest two cylinder engine that the manufacturer produced. A maximum 16 hp of power was delivered to the rear wheels. The car shared its 2,250 mm wheel base with the manufacturer’s single cylinder Type VC2. The 3,200 mm body length provided space for between two and four people depending on the body specified. The range of different body types offered included a Phaeton, a Torpedo, a Limousine, a Landaulet, and a sports car. The V2Y2 was built during the year of the formal merger of Lion-Peugeot with the “Automobiles Peugeot” business of Armand Peugeot. By this time, apart from the much smaller Peugeot Bébé, the part of the business that before the merger had been known as “Automobiles Peugeot” was producing no car with engines smaller than 2,000 cm³: this shows the extent to which, by this time, the two Peugeot family automobile manufacturers were producing complementary ranges.

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