Car restoration is a hobby that's become a business. We believe that the world was much more beautiful before the advent of conveyors, because every item was special and unique. This explains why we specialise in the restoration of European cars from the 1950's and 1960's. The renovation of such cars is not just mechanical work; it demands minute attention to detail on the part of the mechanic towards even the tiniest car parts. It is the epitome of loving care and logic in action honed by painstaking professionalism. In some cases, the restoration process for a car can take more than a year.


On average, our service capacities enable us to infuse three classic cars a year with new life, not to mention their original lustre. The company has all the necessary resources to perform perfect classic car restoration: a comprehensive parts base, the requisite technical facilities and last, but not least, experienced and highly qualified specialists.


Riga Master Workshop provides two to three year warranties on restored cars with confidence, pride and joy. We have total confidence in the guaranteed quality of our work.


The origins of Riga Master Workshop can be found in the wings of SIA "5.stāvs", a company founded in 2005; it has evolved as one of "5.stāvs" subsidiary units. Since 2010 company acts as separate legal entity.


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