Oldsmobile Autocrat Model 28 Roadster

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Autocrat Model 28 Roadster





Dubbed with a name that could only have emerged from of the age of empire, the Oldsmobile Autocrat was a mid-range model introduced for 1911. The Autocrat rode a proprietary 124-inch wheelbase and was based upon a rugged frame built from a pressed alloy of nickel and steel.

Though the model was equipped with a four-cylinder engine, the cylinders featured an increased displacement shared by the company’s flagship Limited model. As the cylinders were cast in pairs, the Autocrat’s 471-cubic-inch vertical T-head engine was essentially a junior version of the Limited’s six-cylinder engine, developing an impressive 50 hp.

Available in five different body styles, the Autocrat was clothed in aluminum coachwork trimmed with leather and offered with three factory paint colors: Brewster green, royal blue, and cardinal red. While a top assembly, windshield, and the company’s new air-type self-starter were offered as optional equipment, the model was standard-equipped with 8-inch headlamps, side and tail lamps, Trauffault-Hartford shock absorbers, an Oldsmobile dragon horn, and a tool set.

The Autocrat received a nice bit of publicity when Oldsmobile entered two factory prototypes at the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup on Long Island, where team captain Harry Stillman finished a respectable 11th place. Fewer than 1,000 Autocrats were built in 1911, of which only a small percentage were finished as roadsters.

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