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16/80 SWB Competition Sports





An agreement was reached with Standard to supply new chassis, the ancient three-speed transaxle was replaced by a modern four-speed gearbox (built in unit with the engine), and by 1932 a new range of cars was finally launched. Production continued on this small scale, averaging less than 100 vehicles per year, until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. The final pre-war car was delivered in June 1940, after which the factory was fully involved with war production.

An improved, under-slung chassis of 9' 7" wheelbase was adopted for AC's 1934 range, which was first displayed at the London Motor Show in October 1933. By 1935 a flat radiator with mesh grille had replaced the previous rounded type, only to be superseded for the following season by the classic slatted version. A synchromesh gearbox was standard by this time, while other noteworthy features included automatic chassis lubrication, built-in jacks and Telecontrol shock absorbers, all of which were incorporated in the 16/60hp and 16/70hp models launched in 1936.

Also in the range at this time was the 16/80hp model, an entirely new two-seat competition roadster that had first appeared publicly at the 1935 London Motor Show. Weller's 2.0-litre six was installed in a short-wheelbase (8' 10") chassis, under-slung at the rear and equipped with Moss remote-change synchromesh gearbox and Bendix self-energising mechanical brakes. Topped off by a supremely handsome roadster body, the 16/80 combined gorgeous looks with excellent handling and a 90mph maximum speed, as verified by The Autocar.

Only 44 of these exciting sports roadsters were built, four of which were supercharged 16/90 variants. Today this rare model is one of the most sought-after of pre-war AC sports cars.

Engine made by AC; 16/90 was supercharged with an Arnott blower. Transmission by four-speed ENV, Moss synchromesh or Wilson pre-selector gearbox. Longer and wider than previous Six. Chassis overslung 1932-33, underslung 1933-1939, overslung 1939-1940.

Sold for: 276000 EUR
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