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The 1956 FVS featured a panoramic (aka wrap-around) windshield. Sometimes referred to as FV2, the car featured the same engine as in the later FV1s. Subsequently the 5.4-litre FV2B appeared, with 255 hp. Power steering and power brakes were both standard as of 1957.

Later versions offered a three-speed automatic, and disc brakes were available from 1958. At some point a reworked, more harmonious front end was introduced, featuring what looked like twin stacked headlights but what were actually headlamps on top and auxiliaries beneath. For 1958, the engine grew to 5.8 litres (FV4) and 325 hp, although the earlier 4.5 and a 4.9 (FV3/FV3B) were also listed as available. In total, 357 FVs and FVSs were built.

The Facel Vega Typhoon—also known as the FV4—was launched in 1958 and produced for just one year. This fourth generation FV was designed by Jean Daninos, Lance Macklin a celebrity from HWM racing, and M. Brasseur. The new Vega exuded class and strength, with its minimalistic styling and masculine stance. It sported several improvements upon its predecessor, including some profile adjustments to the front end with double stacked headlights. Most significantly, the Typhoon featured the extremely high performance 345 cubic inch V8 Hemi engine. The "Firepower" Hemi was Chrysler's first overhead valve V8 motor which was fed by to two four-barrel Carter carburetors and mated with a "Torqueflite" three-speed push button automatic transmission –a commanding combination capable of summoning 325 horse power, with 425 feet/pounds torque. The new Facel Vega was based upon a 104" wheelbase and marketed as achieving 0-60 in just over 8 seconds with a top speed of 140mph. This was particularly impressive in the 1950's for a car weighing over 4,100 pounds.

A four-door version, called the Excellence, was added to the lineup in 1958, but was even more rarefied than the two-door

Sold for: 196080 EUR
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