Chrysler Town and country C-39 Convertible

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Town and country C-39 Convertible





General Motors claims the distinction of mass-producing the first pillarless hardtop coupes in 1949; however Chrysler built seven Town and Country versions of this body style in 1946, of which only one survives today. The T&C hardtop finally went into production for the 1950 model year.

Built on the New Yorker’s 127.5-inch wheelbase, the Town & Country convertible was longer than the sedan. It also had all the New Yorker standard equipment: five-main-bearing 323.5-cid, 135-hp straight-eight engine, Prestomatic Fluid Drive transmission and an electric clock. Annual production totals were not recorded, but for the 1946 through 1948 model years, 8,368 New Yorker Town & Country convertibles were built. The new-design second-series 1949 line dropped the Town & Country sedan, and for 1950 the model retreated to an eight-cylinder hardtop coupe with painted metal insert panels. Thereafter, the name “Town & Country” graced a long succession of Chrysler steel-bodied station wagons and minivans.

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