Maybach SW-38 Special Cabriolet by Petera & Sohne

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SW-38 Special Cabriolet by Petera & Sohne





The first Maybach W3 automobile was introduced in 1921, and development over the ensuing years culminated with the fabulous V-12 type DS-7 and DS-8 in the early 1930s. While the absolute pinnacle of engineering at the time, these models were, on the one hand, very large, usually requiring a chauffeur, and incredibly expensive, exclusive and heavy on maintenance on the other with their many cylinders and 8-speed pre-selector vacuum assisted gearboxes. Few had the need for such an over-the-top machine, and even fewer could afford it.

The smaller type SW-38 was introduced in 1936. This was the final model to be released before the war and was available in three versions with straight-six engines of 3.5 litre, 3.8 litre and 4.2 litre capacities. The engineering was a tour-de-force, and the automotive world was stunned by this 6-cylinder car, which was capable of reaching speeds close to 100 mph, a bench-mark velocity during the era. The build quality remained on par with the DS cars, and the exquisite manufacture of even the smallest accessories left absolutely nothing to be desired. Customers were captivated by this new lighter and more agile model. It was a deserved commercial success for the marque and sold well in consideration of its exclusivity. A total of 520 chassis were built between 1936 and 1939, which was a substantial number in Maybach terms. Only around 152 of these fabulous Maybach are known to exist today, so ownership continues to be very exclusive.

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