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The Wayne Automobile Company was formed in 1904 by Charles F. Palms of Detroit, Michigan. The Wayne was produced from 1904 to 1908 and designed by William Kelly who also designed the Everitt in 1909.

The Wayne line included as many as five different models in a single year. Models ranged from Runabouts to Touring Cars

1906 Wayne models included a $800.00 Model H shown above with a two cylinder engine that developed 14 horsepower, a $3,500.00 Model F seven passenger Touring Car with a four cylinder engine rated at 50 horsepower and a $2,500.00 Model K five passenger Touring Car with 35 horsepower four cylinder engine. Early model's B and C were priced much cheaper. $2,000.00 for a model B and $1,200.00 for the model C. 24-28 horsepower four cylinder engines was used in the model B and double opposed 20 horsepower engines on the model C.

Typical specifications included front seats were well upholstered and had sufficient front room, roomy tonneau that was suitable for three, side, head and tail lights, horn, general tools, forty inch oil tempered hand forged semi elliptical springs were used, standard 80 inch wheel base and 56-inch tread, artillery wood wheels had 30 inch diameter wheels and tires, roller type chain drive and planetary transmission.

A list of 1907 Wayne automobiles shown below included a $3,500.00 Model R 50 horsepower seven passenger Touring Car, $2,500.00 Model K 35 horsepower five passenger Touring Car, $2,500.00 Model N 30-35 horsepower Touring and a $2,500.00 Model N 30-35 horsepower Gentleman's Roadster 334 cu. in. four-cylinder engine, three-speed rear transaxle with sliding gears, and chain drive—relatively powerful and advanced specifications for the early Brass Era.

A 1908 merger with Northern Manufacturing Company saw control go to Barney Everitt and Walter Flanders, who subsequently merged with William Metzger to form the E.M.F. Company, which built cars until absorbed by Studebaker.

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