Locomobile Model M Series I Torpedo

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Model M Series I Torpedo





One of the grandest early American automobiles, the 48-horsepower Locomobile, known initially as the “M” and later as the Model 48, was one of the most significant and long-lived Brass Era cars. In fact, its life actually extended into the chrome era, with production beginning in 1911 and continuing for a remarkable 18 years, until 1929.

The most important model for the marque became the impressive Model 48. Introduced in 1919, it had a very conservative, perhaps dated, concept. It had a conventional but huge chassis with a wheelbase of 142 in. Its engine was a straight-six with side valves; cylinders were still cast in pairs and it featured a non-removable cylinder head. Displacement was 525ci, giving it a 48.6 H.P. tax rating by North American Chamber of Commerce (N.A.C.C.).

In 1922 Locomobile was acquired by Durant Motors, which not only continued using the Locomobile brand name for their top-of-the-line autos until 1929, but still produced the Model 48 until the demise in 1929. Until the mid-twenties, this car was Locomobile's only offering.

Sold for: 247500 USD
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