Mercer Series 22-70 Sporting

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Series 22-70 Sporting





In the autumn of 1914, the Mercer Automobile Company announced a new series of cars designated the 22-70, including a Raceabout and Runabout on a 115-inch wheelbase. The design of these cars was a departure in all regards from the type 35 T-head they replaced. The new L-head motor of 298 cubic inches was adopted from that of the Deltal racing car which finished second to Mercer at Elgin in 1913. The 3 3/4" bore engine was rated 22.5 NACC horsepower and its earliest versions were said to make 70 brake horsepower. Brakes were installed only on the rear wheels. Suspension employed live axles at both ends, suspended from semi-elliptical leaf springs. Deiling was one of the first American designers to add Houdaille lever action friction shock absorbers to the suspension, a feature that vividly illustrates his desire to enhance Mercers' ride, comfort and handling. The Deltal race car was designed and built by Erick Delling and a colleague named Hackenthal (thus the name Deltal). Delling was employed as Chief Engineer by Mercer until late 1915 and was responsible for the designs of the 22-70.

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