Lincoln Model L 1925 Roadster 130 by Brunn

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Model L 1925 Roadster 130 by Brunn





In 1924, the L-series was given a newer look with such things as a nickel-plated radiator shell. 1925 is identified by the absence of cowl lights. Front and rear bumpers became standard. The smallest L-series was the 2-door, 2-passenger roadster. 1926 was basically the same except for some interior changes. 

Brunn & Company of Buffalo, New York, was renowned for the beautiful styling, superb build quality, and lush trim of its designs, making it a favorite of many wealthy East Coast clients – including Edsel Ford, who arranged for Brunn to become one of Lincoln’s most prominent suppliers of “semi-custom” bodies. Brunn’s Lincoln offerings were especially noted for the depth and breadth of the range, including everything from formal limousines to sporting touring cars and roadsters.

Few designs on the 1925 Model L chassis were more dramatic than Brunn’s “Beetle Back” Roadster, distinguished by the sporting tapered tail that seemed stretched back between the rear fenders. A more subtle variant of the “boattail” design that other manufacturers would make popular later in the decade, it was an exceptionally rare version of the standard Brunn roadster design. Reportedly only six examples of the “Beetle Back” Roadster were made in 1925, and only three are known to exist today.

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