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The Aston Martin DB3S was a sports racing car built by Aston Martin. Following the failure of the heavy and uncompetitive Aston Martin DB3 designed by Eberan Eberhorst; William Watson, employed as Eberhorst's assistant, presented an alternative design to John Wyer, Aston Martin's competitions manager, whose assistance was needed as Eberhorst could well oppose being up-staged. In total 31 cars were made, with 11 works cars and 20 cars being sold for customer use. The DB3S was introduced in 1953 and it proved significantly more successful than the Aston Martin DB3. The DB3S was later replaced in 1956 by the DBR1. The car won the 2013 Gran Turismo Trophy at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

The 11 works cars had chassis numbers from DB3S/1 to DB3S/11, with the 11th works car never being raced by Aston Martin. The 20 customer cars had three digit chassis numbers, from DB3S/101 to DB3S/120.

Originally two works Aston Martin DB3S fixed head coupés were made. The change was to make them more aerodynamic than the open top bodied cars. However, they were unstable at high speeds and both crashed at the 1954 24 Hours of Le Mans. Both coupés were then rebuilt as open bodied cars.

Three of the customer cars were also fitted with similar coupé bodies.

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