Cadillac Model 1914 Military Sport Roadster Schutte

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Model 1914 Military Sport Roadster Schutte





The Cadillac Model Thirty was introduced in December, 1909, and sold through 1911. It was the company's only model for those years and was based on the 1907 Model G. The 1912 Model 1912, 1913 Model 1913, and 1914 Model 1914 were similar but used larger engines.

The engine was the same 226.2 in³ (3.7 L) four-cylinder L-head design used in the Model G, and that car's simple sliding-gear transmission was also adopted. The engine was bored out to 255.4 in³ (4.2 L) for 1910 and 286.3 in³ (4.7 L) for 1911 and 1912. The engine was reworked, with a longer stroke, for 1913, giving 365.8 in³ (6.0 L) of displacement. This same engine served in 1914.

Schutte advertised the Military Sport Model as “popular among officers,” presumably because an officer needed a small car that offered the capacity to move themselves to a new posting. They enjoyed a brief vogue after World War I, as smaller bodies that “patriotically” used less materials, but they were still highly finished and offered some conveniences of a larger car, such as a trunk and large cabin, which would be absent in a true speedster or roadster.

The 1912 model was awarded the Dewar Trophy for its electrical system, including its electric starter.

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