Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8AS Spinto Commodore Roadster by Castagna

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Isotta Fraschini


Tipo 8AS Spinto Commodore Roadster by Castagna





The Isotta Fraschini 8A was a car manufactured by Isotta Fraschini, successor to the Tipo 8 model with a new 7.3 litre straight-eight engine to replace the 5.9 litre unit used in the previous model. This new engine could produce 115–160 hp. This was the most powerful mass-produced straight-8 engine in the world at that time. The Tipo 8A was offered only with bare chassis and engine for the coachbuilders.

The Isotta Fraschini car company promised that every car could do 150 km/h (93 mph). The car was very luxurious and it cost more than a Model J Duesenberg. Around one third of these cars were sold in the United States.

The Tipo 8A's displacement was up to 7.4-liters, overhead valve, overhead cam, inline 8. Like the Tipo 8, there was no exterior intake manifold, instead the twin carburetors attached directly to the block. Transmission is a three-speed manual. The 8ASS (Super Sprint) package was also an option.

As with all luxury automobiles of this era, for those with the greatest resources or desire for performance and individuality there options beyond even the standard 8A, these they designated as their Spinto or Super Spinto, the phrase appropriately translating as 'racy' or 'driven', these featured twin carburettors and higher compression engines developing 150bhp and rear axle ratios for higher speeds. Some was built on shorter wheelbase chassis frames, although the coachbuilders preferred the standard chassis on which to practice their finest art.

Sold for: 1100000 USD
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