Dual L6,4 Coupe by Ghia

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L6,4 Coupe by Ghia





The brainchild of Eugene Casaroll, the Italian-American hybrid known as the Dual-Ghia was largely based on the Ghia-designed Chrysler Firearrow, a concept car for which he acquired the production rights. Luxurious and extravagant, it is said to have had the longest production line in the world – from Detroit to Milan and back – as it utilized an American drivetrain and Italian coachwork.

Sales were modest, however, and in 1960, a redesigned Coupe version appeared in Paris, spearheaded by the American Ghia agent Paul Farago, with little input from Casaroll. As it had every imaginable amenity including fitted luggage and luxurious styling, the public response to the largely hand-built L6.4 model was amazing. Although the car continued to use a Chrysler V8 engine, albeit a larger 383 cubic inch unit, the construction was almost entirely conducted in Italy, making this version more of an import than before. Fewer off-the-shelf parts were used, and with the high-quality materials the price skyrocketed to an astronomical $13,500. Just 26 examples were produced between 1960 and 1963, many of which were acquired by such celebrities as Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, and Dean Martin.

The mere sight of such an automobile imparts a feeling of celebrity and luxurious exclusivity, an impression furthered with such desirable features as power seats, windows, vent windows, brakes, and steering as well as air conditioning and a radio. A fabulously running and driving example, this ultra-rare Dual-Ghia is a wonderful collector car and a fantastic Italian-American hybrid whose character is as rooted in Turin as it is Las Vegas.

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