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Dino Berlinetta Speciale by Pininfarina





Dino Berlinetta Speciale, built in record time on a Type 585 tubular chassis, the 206 P competition chassis. This first Dino concept car was finished just in time for the opening of the 52nd Paris Motor Show, in October 1965. It was built on chassis n°0840 from the stock belonging to Ferrari's competition department SEFAC (Scuderia Enzo Ferrari Auto Corse). The side air-intakes, with their elongated form that became part of the signature style of this range, were inserted to cool the rear disc brakes. As on the competition Dinos, these were inboard brakes. The curved rear window swept round to meet the inclined rear pillars that also shape the quarter-light windows. The rear panel was pierced with vents to allow hot air to escape the engine compartment. Getting in and out of the car was not a simple feat with the relatively high and wide door-sills, designed that way due to the structure of the car and also the presence of two lateral competition fuel tanks that were around 40 cm wide. These tanks were connected to two filling points in the front wings. As a competition car, the Dino Berlinetta Speciale was right-hand drive.

The car was liveried in the traditional Ferrari red, a colour that also appeared in the cockpit. The dashboard was black and the cream seats were not adjustable, unlike the pedals. The side windows were operated manually with door handles. The gear gate was typical of Ferrari with a short lever topped with a round polished aluminium knob. The fuse-box was positioned under the dash on the passenger side. There was a leather rimmed three-spoke wheel fitted and other instrumentation was sparse, with just the necessary dials. A large centrally-positioned rev counter was flanked by an oil pressure gauge and a vent, and there was a water temperature gauge inserted on the right. There was no heating or de-icing system on the car. The short single windscreen wiper was not hugely practical

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