Aston Martin DB6 MKII Vantage Saloon LH Superleggera

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Aston Martin


DB6 MKII Vantage Saloon LH Superleggera





The DB6 Mk II was launched in July 1969 and by that time 1,327 DB6's had been produced, making it by far the highest volume model manufactured by Aston Martin. Mechanically, the DB6 Mk II was little changed from its predecessor, however, power steering now came as standard and the clutch plate was changed to a larger version. Additional changes included a new option of a Brico electronic fuel injection system. Claimed to have been developed over 7 years, 46 cars were built using this system all with chassis prefix DB6Mk2FI.

Cosmetically, wider DBS style wheels and Avon tyres were incorporated and to accept these new tyres distinctive flared wheel arches were added to Mk II bodies. Interior design was also modelled on the DBS cabin and they were the last interiors designed by William Towns, who left Aston Martin in 1968. Production of the DB6 Mk II was phased out after only 240 saloons, 71 with Vantage power, were manufactured. However, just 38 Mk.II Volantes and only 17 with manual gearboxes ever left the factory which is why they're regarded as extremely rare and collectable in Aston Martin circles. With a high level of specification including power hood, power steering and more supportive seats, they are also an easy and very comfortable car to drive in comparison with the equally rare Short Chassis Volantes.

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