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The original Delage D6 came with a choice of two chassis lengths, these being 3,149 mm (124.0 in) or 3,289 mm (129.5 in). The 6-cylinder engine had a displacement of 3045 cc. Listed maximum power was 75hp (56 kW), produced at 3,600 rpm.

By the time production of the original Delage D6 ended, in 1933, 1160 had been produced.

A complementary model, the D6-11, was presented at the 26th Paris Motor Show in October 1932, although production only got under way the following spring. The D6-11 was a more economical version of the original DE6. The “-11” suffix referred to the fiscal horsepower which was a function of the cylinder diameters and determined the level of annual car tax to be paid by owners in France. The 2001 cc 6-cylinder engine came with a listed maximum power output of 55hp (41 kW) at 4,000 rpm. There was also an “S” version of the D6-11 for which 60 hp (45 kW) at 4,500 rpm was claimed.

The manufacturers' price list at the motor show in October 1933 listed ten different "standard" body types offered for the car. What they had in common was that the prices were high for a car in the 11CV car tax band/class. In bare chassis form the 6-11 was priced at 31,600 francs for a "normal" standard length chassis and 32,600 francs for a long version. There was also a price of 33,600 francs for a "normal" length sports chassis. The wheelbase lengths in question were 3,060 mm (120 in) (normal) and 3,260 mm (128 in) (long).

The last D6-11 was produced in 1934. Its direct replacement, the D60-12, entered production only in 1936

In 1934 the new Delage D6-65, appeared, now with a 3,378 mm (133.0 in) chassis. The 6-cylinder engine had a displacement of 2678 cc. Listed maximum power, as identified in the suffix on the name, was 65 hp (48 kW), produced at 4,000 rpm.

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