Mercedes Benz WS10 15/75hp 370S Mannheim Sport Roadster

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Mercedes Benz


WS10 15/75hp 370S Mannheim Sport Roadster





Shorter still, on a wheelbase of just 2850 mm (112 inches) was the 370S, available only with roadster or sport-cabriolet bodies. The maximum speed on these versions was stated as 115 km/h (71 mph). In 1933 the manufacturers increased the compression ratio from 5.5:1 to 5.75:1 with a corresponding increase in power output to 78 PS (57.3 kW) at 3400 rpm.

Of the models created in the years following the merger between Daimler and Benz, the Mercedes-Benz 15/75 HP 370 stands out amongst the rest as some of the most elegant and sporting cars to come out of the factory at Mannheim. These cars helped to pave a clear road for the development of future sporting cars that would wear the three-pointed star. Some of Mercedes-Benzes most popular and historically significant automobiles, namely the 540 models, owe a part of their development and existence to the 370 models.

The 370 S model utilised the shortest wheelbase when compared to its closest siblings, the 350 and 380 models, as well as the supercharged 370 K. This helped to give the car a much sportier feeling, and as a result, the 370 S was considered to be much more of a driver’s car than something to be chauffeured in. Producing a normally aspirated 75 horsepower, performance was stately, with a top speed of 75 mph. This was fast enough to cruise at speed on Germany’s new system of highways, and it was simultaneously comfortable, with the engine-mated to Mercedes’ three-speed manual gearbox with overdrive.

Not only was the 370 S an exciting car to drive, but it was also just as exciting to look at. As per usual with Mercedes-Benz vehicles of that era, the 370 S oozed sophistication and elegance. With a beautiful body that featured flowing wings that juxtaposed with uniformity of the Mercedes-Benz grille, the 370 S was a thing of beauty, and it is a very elegant car indeed, especially when bodied as a convertible or roadster. With the convertible top safely stowed away, there was no doubt that the 370 S Sport Roadster provided one of the finest driving experiences of its day.

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