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CP8 Convertible Coupe





The Series CP models featured a new double drop 'girder truss' frame, all-steel bodies, V-type windshields on the closed cars, and an L-head eight-cylinder engine with a 298.6 cubic-inch displacement. Standard equipment included hydraulic brakes, Floating Power, a 4-speed transmission, Delco Remy ignition, dash button controlled freewheeling, rubber spring shackles, and wooden spoke wheels. Six wire wheels were standard on the Convertible sedan.

Body styles included a coupe, rumble seat coupe, convertible coupe and sedan, sedan, and a bare chassis. The most popular body style was the sedan which saw nearly 3,200 examples built.

The straight eight engines produce around 100 horsepower with less than 300 cubic-inches, with a mechanical fuel pump and 3-speed manual transmission. As mentioned earlier, the hydraulic brakes were unique at a time when most other manufacturers were still using rods and cables, assuring safe and responsive braking. When compared with direct competitors Packard and LaSalle, Chrysler cars were very competitively priced and offered many standard features. The CP-8 Sedan was only produced for 1932 and 1933 model years, making them truly rare and desirable today. During that time fewer than 5,000 examples were produced.

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