Oldsmobile 98 Generation 4 1956 Starfire Convertible

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98 Generation 4 1956 Starfire Convertible





In 1954, Oldsmobiles were redesigned across the line, with a three body style 98 series at the top. Convertibles were dubbed Starfires, after the previous year's Starfire dream car. A slightly higher horsepower 324 cu in (5.3 L) Rocket V8 was shared with the Super 88 series. Standard 98 equipment included bumper guards, rubber simulated carpets front and rear, electric clock, lined trunk, dual horns, cigarette lighter, aluminium door sill plates, turn signals, chrome rocker panel mouldings, deck lid ornament, foam rubber seat cushions, padded dash, parking brake light, courtesy light package, stainless steel wheel discs, windshield washer, and Deluxe steering wheel with horn ring. Upholstery choices were nylon and leather, in a variety of colours. Standard tire size was 8.00 (203) by 15 inches (381 millimetres).

In 1955 the Oldsmobile 98 again had a longer wheelbase than the 88. Standard equipment included turn signals, bumper guards, stainless steel mouldings, dual horns, cigarette lighter, front and rear floor mats, inside rearview mirror, foam rubber seat cushions, stainless steel rocker panel mouldings, front seatback robe cord, spun glass hood insulation, rear window vent planes, electric clock, stainless steel wheel discs, custom cushion lounge seats front and rear, hand brake light, courtesy light package, padded dash, Deluxe steering wheel with horn ring, and windshield washer. Upholstery choices were covert and pattern cloth, leather and pattern cloth, leather and nylon, and leather and dimple leather. Standard tire size was 7.70 (196) by 15 inches (381 millimetres). The optional air conditioning unit was moved to the engine bay instead of the trunk. The turning diameter was 43 ft. The Hydramatic automatic transmission gear selector had an S on it, which was used for better performance climbing hills. At mid-year, Olds introduced the new pillarless four-door hardtop body, dubbed the Holiday sedan, in the 98 series. The 4-door Oldsmobile 98 Holiday, along with the 4-door 88 Holiday and the 4-door Buick Century Riviera and 4-door Special Riviera, were the first 4-door hardtops ever produced. Perhaps because of the popularity of the new 4-door hardtop body style total 98 sales set a new record of 118,626.

Again in 1956 the top of the line Oldsmobile 98 series had an exclusive 126.0 in (3,200 mm) wheelbase, 4.0 in (100 mm) longer than the 88. Power came from the 240 horsepower Rocket V8 shared with the Super 88. Standard equipment included armrests, bumper guards, lined trunk, rotary door latches, dual horns, cigarette lighter, turn signals, rubber floor mats, aluminium door sill plates, sun visors, front and rear carpeting, foam rubber seat cushions, courtesy lights, front fender medallions, deck lid '98' script, back-up light mouldings, electric clock, Jetaway Hydramatic Drive, padded dash, power steering, windshield washers and Deluxe steering wheel. Upholstery choices were pattern cloth and leather in a variety of colours and combinations. Standard tire size was 8.00 (203) by 15 inches (381 millimetres) made by either U.S. Royal, Goodrich, or Firestone. The parking brake was now a foot pedal.

A slightly modified 1954 Holiday Coupe was used as a press car during the final Carrera Panamericana in 1954.

Oldsmobile Starfire is a model of automobile produced by the Oldsmobile division of

The Starfire name was first used by Oldsmobile on a one-of-a-kind dream car that was shown at the 1953 Motorama auto show. Named after the Lockheed F-94 Starfire jet fighter, the original Starfire was a 5-passenger convertible that had a fiberglass body, a 200hp (150 kW) Rocket V8 engine, and a wraparound windshield like that used on the top-of-the-line and limited-production 1953 Fiesta 98 convertible.

The name was then used for the 1954–1956 model years to designate the convertible models of the 98 line in much the same way that the Holiday name was used to designate hardtop body-styles. The 1954–1956 Oldsmobile 98 Starfire convertibles were the most expensive Oldsmobile’s offered during those years. During the 1957 model year, all 98 models were referred to as being Starfire 98s. The name was dropped from the 98 series beginning with the 1958 model year. 

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