Cadillac 70 Series 36-70 7067 Convertible Coupe bu Fleetwood

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70 Series 36-70 7067 Convertible Coupe bu Fleetwood





Though not the best seller in 1936, the Series 36-70 and 36-75 were the basic Cadillacs. Lower priced LaSalle’s and Series 60's were better sellers; V-12's and V-16's were better cars; but the 5.678 Litter V-8's were the ones which survived to form the main source of Cadillac business for years to come.

Features on Models 36-70 and 36-70 included: The bodies were all Vee windshield styles by Fleetwood. A narrower radiator shell supported the new louver-style "Convex Vee" grill. Headlights were mounted on the radiator shell; parking lights were inside the headlights. Front fenders were new, with a crease along the centre line. Cowl vent was changed back to opening forward. Built in trunks on "Touring" styles, Town Sedans, and Convertibles Sedans. Stationary and Convertible Coupes had rumble seats plus a separate door for the spare tire at the extreme rear of the deck. All bodies now used the all steel Turret Top.

The Cadillac V-8 for 1915 got detachable cylinder heads for 1918, compensated crankshaft for 1924, side by side rods for 1928, and a complete replacement design for 1936. The new engine, produced in two displacements, featured: Blocks and crankcase cast unblock. Water jacket full length of the cylinder bore, more rigid crankshaft with six counterweights. New connecting rods with large ends split at an angle to allow for removal from top of engine. Hydraulic valve silencers. New manifold and downdraft carburettor. Suction type crankcase ventilation (fumes taken out through exhaust system). Simplified lubrication system (piping was only to hydraulic lifters). Combination fuel and vacuum pump on front engine cover. Starter on right hand side, in front of bell housing. Generator serviced by removing panel under left front fender. Pressure cap on radiator.

Chassis: Two mufflers in series. Battery under left side of front seat. Double universal joint in steering shaft. Single plate clutch. Ride control discontinued, but ride stabilizer added at front. First hydraulic brakes on a Cadillac (used on LaSalle two years earlier).

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