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268 Dino SP by Fantuzzi





The Ferrari 268 SP was a derivative version of the 248 SP also fitted with a V8 engine. It featured a bigger displacement with a stroke increased to 71 mm (2.8 in). The resulting capacity was 2.6 L, intended to be more competitive in the 3.0-litre Sport and Prototype classes. Only three examples existed, but all were converted from other models and only one (chassis 0798) remains in 268 SP configuration.
The new tipo 202, updated V8 engine had 77 by 71 mm (3.0 by 2.8 in) of bore and stroke. The resulting capacity was now 2,644.96 cc (2.6 L; 161.4 cu in). The cylinder bore was unchanged from the 248 SP engine, with the increased capacity derived from a 2.5 mm longer crankshaft throw. Weber 40DC carburetors mounted on individual manifolds replaced the 40IF2C carburetors used on the 248 SP, in an attempt to improve air induction. SOHC configuration and single ignition remained the same as on the 248 SP. The new engine also had the same (9.8:1) or slightly lower (9.6:1) compression ratio as on the 2.4-litre V8. The power output rose to 265 PS (195 kW; 261 hp) at 7000 rpm, only slightly more than the 286 SP could produce.
A complete departure from prior Maranello styling, the new open design featured a low-rise windscreen, delicately curved rear fenders, and the innovative sharp spoiler at the edge of the tail. These cues would become instrumental to seminal Ferrari racers like the 250 P and 330 P, and even influenced Scaglietti-built berlinettas like the 250 LM. Fantuzzi’s bodywork was punctuated with an aerodynamic protruding nose featuring a twin-nostril grille, similar to that of the Ferrari 156 Formula 1 driven by Phil Hill in the World Championship in 1961.

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