Cadillac 6400 Eldorado Generation 4 Series 59-64 6437H Seville Hardtop by Fisher

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6400 Eldorado Generation 4 Series 59-64 6437H Seville Hardtop by Fisher





Model year 1959 brought another complete restyle for the entire Cadillac line and, except for the Eldorado Brougham, the wildest tailfins Detroit would ever produce. Cadillac historian Walter McCall described these appendages as "flamboyant," "ludicrous," and "of questionable taste." Other critics have said harsher things, but the public seemed to go along with the excess. The economy had picked up somewhat and, as where in the industry, Cadillac sales improved a bit. Air suspension, pioneered by the Brougham two years earlier, was now standard for Biarritz and Seville. Though it offered a cloud-like ride and the convenience of automatic self-levelling in response to changes in load, the airbag setup was leak-prone and troublesome. Cadillac would abandon it after 1960 as Detroit's fascination with such gimmicks waned in proportion to a growing number of customer complaints.

Eldorado horses again numbered 20 more than on other Cadillacs. Thanks to a longer 98.4mm stroke and another compression tweak, the figure was now 345HP for the newly enlarged 6.4 litre V-8, which would prove to be the all-time power peak for a rear-drive Eldo. Echoing 1954, the Biarritz and Seville lost much of their previous styling distinction this year. Their only differences from comparable Series 62s were a chrome swath along the upper rear fender contour and the Eldorado name in neat block letters along the lower edge of the front fenders.

As if to cause confusion, the 6400 Eldorado sub-series included two 6400 models: the Seville and Biarritz, and one 6900 model, the Brougham. (Whoever said automakers are logical?) All were characterized by a three-deck jewelled rear grille insert, but other trim and equipment features varied. The Seville and Biarritz had the Eldorado model name spelled out behind the front wheel opening and featured broad, full-length body sill mouldings which curved over the rear fender profile and back along the upper beltline region. Standard equipment included all items found on DeVille plus heater; fog lamps, 345 horsepower V-8, remote control deck lid, radio with antenna and rear speaker, power vent windows, Six-Way power seat, air suspension, electric door locks and license frames.

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