Daimler 57HP Encloused Limousine by Hooper

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57HP Encloused Limousine by Hooper





The UK Daimler Motor Company was formed in 1893 by F.R. Simms to exploit the original German firm’s (1886-1902) motor patents. In 1896, the English Daimler Company became independent and a part of H.J. Lawson’s industrial empire. Early English Daimlers were two-cylinder machines with tiller steering and chain drive. 1899 saw the first four cylinder car, which became the first British car to compete in a continental race with a British driver when the Hon. J. Scott-Montague took it on the Paris-Ostend race in that year.

King Edward VII, while still the Prince of Wales, took delivery of his first Daimler in 1900, thus forging a connection between the company and the Royal House which continued for six decades. In 1909, Daimler adopted Charles Yale Knight’s double sleeve-valve engine which was to remain a staple for the next 23 years.

The 57 hp sleeve-valve was renowned for its smoothness and silence, qualities which made it ideal for the transport of Royals, beginning as early as 1910. Interestingly, when King George V ordered four new Daimlers from Main London dealers Stratton-Instone Ltd. in the autumn of 1923, he insisted on the fitment of 1910 57 hp sleeve-valve units, even though more modern engines had been recommended. Three more chassis, similar to the “Royal Four,” were also built at that time for Stratton-Instone’s sale to privileged customers.

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