Chrysler 300E

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The 1959 model year saw the Hemi engines replaced by Chrysler's new Golden Lion wedge-head V8 at 413 cu in (6.8 L) displacement (which Chrysler called "lion-hearted"). Power output remained about the same at 380 hp (280 kW). The Imperial Crown comes with every available factory option in 1959, including power steering, power brakes, power windows, six-way power seats, electric door locks, a Torque Flight automatic transmission, a sure-grip differential, a Mirror-Matic rear view mirror, the Flight-Sweep rear deck lid, a Highway Hi-Fi record player, a Touch-Tuner transistor radio, auto headlamp beam change, a deluxe heater/air conditioning unit with extra cooling capacity and a full leather interior. Total sales included 522 coupes and 125 convertibles. Power swivel seats were standard.

Sold for: 297000 USD
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