Delage D8-85 Drophead Coupe by Chapron

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D8-85 Drophead Coupe by Chapron





The same year saw the launch of the “D8-85 » and the « D8 105 ». The D8-85 was the less extreme in terms of ultimate performance, offered with a choice between a 3,378 mm (133.0 in) and a 3,578 mm (140.9 in) chassis. The engine displacement, adding the eight cylinders together, was 3570cc in this version producing, as indicated by the name, a maximum output of 85hp (63 kW) at 4,000 rpm. On The D8-105 the engine size was the same, but the unit was modified to produce 105hp (78 kW), while the car sat on a shortened 3,296 mm (129.8 in) chassis.

In April 1935 the manufacturer’s financial difficulties culminated in the closure of Delage plant at Courbevoie, as a result of which the D8-85 and Delage D8-105 were taken out of production.

Sold for: 181500 USD
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