Siata 300BC 1100 Sport Spider by Motto

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300BC 1100 Sport Spider by Motto





Following the Amica, Siata introduced the 300BC Barchetta Sport Spider in 1951. The Barchetta Sport Spider was designed by Mario Revelli de Beaumont and built by Nuccio Bertone and Rocco Motto. Around 50 production models were created and predominantly featured either a 750 cc Crosley or 1100 cc Fiat engine. During this time Siata also created the Cucciolo ("puppy") motor sold in kit form by Ducati and later used to power Ducati's first complete mopeds and motorcycles starting in 1952.

The Siata 300 BC Barchetta was nearly exclusively distributed to the United States, as it offered an ideal take on the road/racing spider that was soon to dominate SCCA racing. The model featured barchetta coachwork, which was penned by Mario Revelli de Beaumont and was clearly an extension of Pinin Farina’s Grand Sport design, with approximately 40 examples being built to his design by Bertone.

While some earlier examples were equipped with the 750-cubic centimeter Crosley engine, later examples were often fitted with specially tuned Fiat 1100 motors, giving them nearly as much power as the four-cylinder Ferraris. The 300 BC is rare, aesthetically beautiful, and possesses the characteristic chassis athleticism of all Siatas, and as such, it has grown to be a highly collectible edition of the so-called “Baby Ferrari.”

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