Lancia Theta Speedster Runabout

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Theta Speedster Runabout





The Lancia Theta (25/35 HP, type 61) is a car which was produced between 1913-1918 by Lancia. The car was bigger version of Epsilon model. The car had electrical lights and start motor.

In 1913 Lancia introduced the 35hp Theta, which was powered by a 4,940cc four-cylinder sidevalve engine producing 70bhp, an output good enough for a top speed of around 120km/h (75mph) depending on coachwork. Ever the innovator, Vincenzo Lancia specified a built-in electrical system for the Theta that included an electric starter (the first of its kind in Europe). Built in two different wheelbase lengths (3,100mm and 3,378mm) the Theta was capable of carrying generously proportioned coachwork and despite an enormous price tag it was a big hit in the USA. To make the cars somewhat more affordable Lancia delivered the cars as chassis and they were typically bodied by coachbuilders in the New York area. Several Holbrook examples were known to made and this one by another New York body builder Hayes and Miller.

The last chassis was delivered in 1919, by which time almost 1,700 had been made

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