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Roadmaster 70 Convertible Coupe 76C





A lower body graced the 1957 Roadmaster with an even more panoramic windshield equipped with reverse slanted pillars. A red-filled Sweepspear lined the body sides and a chromed rear fender lower panel filled the area between the wheelhouse and the bumper end, continuing to offer "Dagmar bumpers" at the front. A new cantered fuel filler was found in the rear bumper, the ends of which the single or optional dual exhaust passed through. Roadmaster script was found within the deck and grille emblems. Two door models had a trio of chevrons on the rear quarters but the four door models had a Roadmaster emblem nestled within the Sweepspear dip. Interiors featured a padded dashboard and were broadcloth and nylon in 4-doors, nylon in 2-doors and leather in convertibles. There was a new 364-cubic-inch engine, developing 300 horsepower. A new ball-joint suspension system improved handling. Evidently the 4-door Riviera hardtop proved so popular on its introduction the previous year that the pillared sedan was dropped entirely from the model line-up.  For 1957, however, Roadmaster expanded again, into two series, the 70 and 75. All Roadmaster’s were now pillar less, and there were Riviera hardtop coupes and sedans, both with and without the controversial three-pane rear window. Roadmaster 75s were highly trimmed and included all power equipment, except air conditioning. The sole convertible model was in the Series 70 and came with leather upholstery and a padded dashboard.

Also, new was a mid-year production ( March 1957) Roadmaster designated as Model 75 which was distinguished by standard power seats and windows, carpeted lower doors, a one piece rear window (instead of a three piece which were a steadfast design feature found only on the smaller Jr model lines of the Special and Century), Deluxe hubcaps and a Series 75 script found on the rear quarter body panel of the R.M. Coupes and the rear door panels on the R.M. 4-door sedans, thus replacing the standard 3 chevrons found in the same location on the standard full model year Roadmaster model  lines. Nevertheless, overall Roadmaster sales plunged to about 33,000. However, this "sales plunge" was not an isolated occurrence found only at GM but was one shared by all manufacturers to one extent or another due to a capital market recession which effected the overall economy starting in late 1956 and extending into 1958.

In 1958 the Roadmaster could only be ordered as the well-equipped Roadmaster 75, and its body was adorned with bulkier more heavily chromed styling. A new "drawer pull" grille was used, made up of rectangular chrome squares. For the first time since 1948 there were no distinguishing VentiPorts on the front fenders. On the rear deck the Roadmaster name was spelled out in block lettering beneath a Buick emblem housing the trunk lock keyway. Wheelhouses had bright mouldings, rocker panels had an ebbed moulding and a large rear fender bright flash with ribbed inserts replaced the previous year's chromed rear fender lower panel. Four headlamps were standard. New brakes, with cast iron liners in aluminium drums, proved to be the best in the industry. But sales fell further to about 14,000.

There was a complete restyling for 1959, but this time the names of the various series were changed. Not until 1991 would there again be a big Buick known as the Roadmaster; the largest Buick models were renamed the Electra.

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