Aston Martin 1,5 litre New International SWB

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Aston Martin


1,5 litre New International SWB





The second series of 1½ Litre cars were introduced in February 1932, although aesthetically it appeared to be just an update, there was a lot more to it under the skin. Most notably the cars featured an all new chassis, a Laycock transmission now mounted to the engine and the worm drive was sensibly revised by replacing it with an ENV spiral bevel drive. As before an International, dubbed 'New International', and the more sporting Le Mans was offered.

For 1932 they offered two types on the same chassis: a sports tourer, the New International, and the Le Mans sports racer, a copy of the victorious Le Mans cars. The Le Mans proved more popular and over 100 were built over the next few years compared with around a dozen of the New International. The latter was powered by a 1,495cc four-cylinder, single-overhead-cam, dry sump engine breathing through two SU carburettors.

The Aston Martin MKII, introduced in 1934 and produced only until December 1935, remains among the finest of the famed “Bertelli cars.” Short (8' 7") and long (10') wheelbase versions were built, the latter available with stylish four-seater sports saloon coachwork by Enrico Bertelli. Priced at £700, it was the most expensive model in the range. The MKII featured a reinforced ladder-frame chassis, improved front-axle control and large-diameter Alfin drum brakes. Powerful and smooth, the MKII engine produced 73 bhp in standard form, allowing for an 85 mph top speed. Only 166 MKIIs are believed to have been produced at Feltham, including 20 Ulster racing cars.

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