Mercedes Benz W188 II 300Sc Cabriolet A

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Mercedes Benz


W188 II 300Sc Cabriolet A





The 300 Sc is highly desirable and considered by many to be the “ultimate” 300. It was introduced in 1955 with a 300 SL engine that had Bosch mechanical fuel injection. Slightly detuned, its inline-six delivered 175 PS (129 kW; 173 hp) at 5400 rpm. Mercedes-Benz's "low-pivot" independent suspension being fitted in the rear. The combination of the 300’s advanced oval tubular chassis, suspension, and powerful engine produced a powerful grand tourer, one that was ideal for long-distance travel throughout Europe. Visually, only a pair of chrome strips on either side of the hood distinguished the "Sc" from its precursor.

The 300 Sc was the true spiritual successor to the 500 K and 540 K that are now so fiercely prized by enthusiasts. Only 200 examples were produced, comprising of three different body styles.

175 bhp, 2,996 cc overhead-cam fuel-injected inline six-cylinder engine with Bosch mechanical fuel injection, four-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension with coil springs, rear swing axles with coil springs, and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 114.25 in. Prices rose to DM 36,500, and 98 Coupés, 49 Cabriolet As, and 53 Roadsters were built through April 1958.

Sold for: 1100000 USD
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