Mercedes Benz W188 I 300S Cabriolet A

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W188 I 300S Cabriolet A





The hand-built two-door "W188" Type 300 S or Super, was Mercedes-Benz's top-end vehicle on its introduction at the Paris Salon in October 1951. The most notable enhancement was a 30 percent increase in horsepower, from 115 to 150, and it was praised by the motoring press for reaching a remarkable top speed of 110 mph. It also had a wraparound windshield, graceful wing lines, and a curved rear body line. The comprehensive list of standard equipment included no-glare mirrors, vacuum-assisted brakes, backup lights, reclining seats, and windshield washers. With a price tag starting at $12,680, these cars cost as much as 10 standard cars, and as a result, only approximately 560 examples of the 300 S were built, with 216 of those being coupés. Of course, such exclusivity resulted in an enviable list of wealthy and famous clients, including the Aga Khan, Gary Cooper, and Cary Grant.

More importantly, the 300 S introduced three sporty new bodies on a 25-centimetre shorter chassis; these three body styles were a coupé, cabriolet, and roadster. Although the styling was fresh and modern, the interior was most impressive. In comparison to the spartan automotive furnishings of some of its contemporaries, the new 300 S featured a lavish interior with supple leather, glossy and perfect burled walnut trim, a dash with chrome-accented instruments, and switchgear that was made with the precision of fine jewellery.

This 300 S is one of those 216 coupés. It has been subjected to a full and comprehensive restoration, and it is very attractive in icy blue-green metallic, which nicely harmonises with a tan leather interior and matching carpet. The luggage compartment is finished in a similar motif. The instrument panel is superbly finished and includes correct VDO gauges in English units, a radio, and an electric clock. The engine compartment is clean in all respects.

Over the years, the W188 coupé and cabriolet models have become much more popular than the larger saloons and phaetons, with their sporting nature winning out over the more formal larger cars. The long-wheelbase Cabriolet D is the exception, and the coupé, epitomised by this car, is the rarest 300, with just 216 built. This 300 S is one of the finest examples of one of the most sought-after post-war Mercedes-Benz cars, and it is a very viable alternative to a 1950s Bentley Continental.

7.8:1 compression and triple Solex carburettors raised maximum engine output to 150 PS (110 kW; 150 hp) at 5000 rpm.

From July, 1952 to August, 1955, a total of 216 Coupés, 203 Cabriolet As and 141 Roadsters were produced.

Sold for: 652600 EUR
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