Mercury S-55 427/425 2-door Marauder Hardtop 1963

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S-55 427/425 2-door Marauder Hardtop 1963





The Mercury S-55 is a full-size car that was marketed by the Mercury division of the Ford Motor Company during the 1960s. Developed as a performance-oriented version of the Mercury Monterey, the S-55 was the largest vehicle of the Mercury "S" (Special) range introduced in 1962; its Ford equivalent was the Ford Galaxie 500XL.

As consumer buying habits in full-size sedans shifted in the late 1960s, performance-oriented vehicles such as the S-55 fell out of favor, with personal luxury coupes and muscle cars taking its place. After the 1967 model year, the S-55 was discontinued; its role was largely taken over by the 1969 Mercury Marauder, produced until 1970.

For the 1962 model year, to maintain interest in the Ford and Mercury product lines, Ford Motor Company introduced performance-oriented trim packages for both divisions. Mercury introduced the S (Special) line of sub-models. While the S-22 Comet and S-33 Meteor consisted primarily of exterior trim, badging, bucket seats, and floor-mounted shifters, the S-55 (based on the Monterey) offered the same interior features along with a higher-performance powertrain.

For 1962, the Mercury S-55 was introduced alongside the Mercury Monterey. A performance-oriented variant, the S-55 offered an interior with bucket seats and a floor-mounted shifter. As with the Ford Galaxie 500XL, the S-55 was produced in two-door hardtop and convertible bodystyles. The S-55 was powered by the two largest engines available in the Monterey, a 390 cubic-inch V8 (300 or 330 hp) or a 406 cubic-inch V8 (385hp or 405hp). The triple-carbureted version of the 406 was a special-order engine, tested at over 95 mph in the quarter mile according to Road & Track in a road test.

For 1963, the S-55 model line was expanded, with its availability expanded from two-door or four-door body styles. In addition to the previous notchback roofline, buyers now were able to choose two additional rooflines for sedans, including the "Breezeway" (including a reverse-slant retractable rear window) and "Marauder" (fastback sedan). As with other Ford Motor Company vehicles, the S-55 saw its 406 V8 replaced by a 410hp 427 cubic-inch V8; the 425hp 427 (largely a racing engine) was a special-order option.

For the 1964 model year, the S-22, S-33, and S-55 were discontinued. In its full-size line, performance-oriented sedans remained as the 390 and 427 engines, Marauder fastback roofline, and bucket seats and console interior trim became options for the Monterey, Montclair, and even the luxury-oriented Park Lane product lines.


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