Lincoln Model L 1923 Sport Phaeton 123 by American

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Model L 1923 Sport Phaeton 123 by American





In financial trouble, Leland sold the company to Henry Ford in 1922 for $8 million, the amount determined by the judge presiding over the receivership Arthur J. Tuttle. Henry Leland valued the company at over $16 million. After a few months, Ford got rid of the Lelands and had his son, Edsel Ford, design a new body for the L-series. Edsel became President and Ernest C. Kanzler General Manager. Under Ford, the L-series was a robust car. In the first year, hydraulic shock absorbers were added. Edsel and Kanzler implemented production economies, trimming manufacturing costs by about $1000 per car.

Sold for: 143000 USD
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