Lincoln Model KB 1932 Custom Stationary Coupe by Dietrich

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Model KB 1932 Custom Stationary Coupe by Dietrich





The two brands would continue to share a stylistic connection and both would receive new power plants. Ford would adopt the legendary flathead V-8 and Lincoln would get a powerful V-12. Initially employing the "fork and blade" design of the Leyland designed V-8 the new engine was smooth, robust and significantly more powerful than the eight. The Lincoln K-series was split in 1932 into two lines, the V8 carryover Model KA short wheelbase and the new V12-powered Model KB long wheelbase. The V8 car reverted to a 136 in (3454 mm) wheelbase, though engine output was pushed to 125 hp (93 kW). The KB, on the other hand, featured the marque's new L-head V12 engine. The 447.9 cuin (7.3 L) 65° L-head unit produced 150 hp (112 kW).

Both series featured a new grille with less of a surround, vent doors rather than vertical louvers on the sides of the hood, a parking light on top of each front fender, and 18 inch wire wheels.

The new Lincolns for 1932 showed a refined styling that significantly updated the aging L model. The fresh look incorporated a Ford style radiator shell, and the car rode on more modern 18" wire spoke wheels, and was offered in, as was customary for Lincoln, an extensive catalog of body styles including many expensive custom styles. Lincoln's custom offering was very impressive; they had cataloged styles from most top custom body makers including LeBaron, Dietrich, Willoughby, Waterhouse and Brunn.

The KB chassis would earn legendary status in period and today is a highly desirable senior CCCA classic. Praised for its excellent driving qualities, with exceptionally light and predictable steering and fine power-boosted brakes, the KB has become quite popular with seasoned classic era enthusiasts with an appetite for touring.

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