Lincoln Model KA 1934 Roadster by Dietrich

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Model KA 1934 Roadster by Dietrich





Things got back on track for 1934. The styling was refined and the new models had a polished modern look. A new larger version of the 1933 KA engine was now adopted for the KB model; this more modern engine, though slightly smaller than the original KB V-12, was rated at identical horsepower. Both V12 engines were replaced for 1934 by a single 414 in³ (6.8 L) version of the new Model KA V12. It was used in all Lincolns, the KA and KB designations now distinguishing the wheelbases: 136 inches for the KA and 145 for the KB. There were 26 different body styles, both factory and semi-custom.

Styling changes included a body-colored grille surround and the replacement once again of louvers with doors on the side of the hood.

Sold for: 154000 USD
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