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In 1969 the Lagonda name was briefly resurrected, appearing on a four-door prototype of the then new DBS model. The prototype was allocated chassis MP230/1 and was retained by the factory until 1972 and used by Sir David Brown as his personal car, registered JPP 5G. The car originally ran a prototype 5-litre V8 engine but this was quickly replaced by an early 5.3 litre production quad carb version (VS4008EE).

Launched at the London Motor Show in October 1974, the new Lagonda was 305mm (12") longer in the wheelbase than the two-door V8 whose engine and running gear it shared and to which it bore an understandably strong resemblance. Priced at £14,040, including Purchase Tax, at the time of its launch, the Lagonda cost 24% more than the contemporary V8 and thus was one very expensive motor car. Between 1974 and 1976, seven Lagonda four-door saloons were produced based on the 1969 prototype. Chassis numbers ranged from '12001' to '12007', while a further example - chassis '12008' - was sanctioned at a later date. Of the seven cars built in period, five were completed with automatic transmission (like this example) and only two with the ZF five-speed manual gearbox. The production models adopted a single headlight treatment with a Lagonda 'horseshoe' grille in place of the twin headlamp treatment of the prototype.

One more Lagonda saloon was to appear with the large and futuristic Aston Martin Lagonda of 1976 designed by William Towns. This low, rather square, wedge-shaped car was built on Aston Martin V8 components and was available, at least in theory, until 1989.

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