Hudson Hornet Generation I Convertible 1954

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Hornet Generation I Convertible 1954





Eventually, for the 1954 model year, the model underwent a major square-lined redesign. This entailed extensive retooling because of the way the step-down frame wrapped around the passenger compartment. The front had a simpler grille that complemented the now-functional hood scoop and a new one-piece curved windshield, while the sides gained period-typical fender chrome accents, and the formerly sloped rear end was squared off. The front to rear fender line was styled to make the car look longer and tail lamps were also redesigned. The interior was also updated with a new dash and instrument cluster that were surprisingly modern.

There was still no V8 engine available, but the 308 cu in (5.0 L) six-cylinder in top-line Hornets produced 160hp (119 kW) and the racing-inspired 170 hp (127 kW; 172 PS) "Twin-H-Power" (7-X) version was optional from the factory.

Although the Hornet's redesign put it on par with its contemporaries in terms of looks and style, it came too late to boost sales.

The updated Hornet Brougham convertible, the sole convertible available from Hudson, was attractive but overpriced at US$3,288 for a six-cylinder car in 1954.

Hudson Hornet 1954 model year production totaled 24,833 (the final year before the Hudson merger with Nash-

Sold for: 134750 USD
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