Alfa Romeo Guiletta Sprint 10102/10105 Normale Bertone

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Alfa Romeo


Guiletta Sprint 10102/10105 Normale Bertone





A new version of the Giulietta Berlina debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1959. The fuel tank was now incorporated in the right rear fender and was equipped with a door. The nose was redefined with more rounded wings, recessed lights, new headlights and grille rings revised with horizontal bars. The interior was much more organized and the dashboard instruments had an elongated bore including the tachometer. The series number was changed from 750/753 to the 101 series. The rear also showed changes, with vestigial fins replacing the earlier rounded fenders and with new, slightly larger taillights. The T.I. also received a front side marker light mounted in a small spear, unlike the Normale which has a small round lamp with no decorations. 

In mid-1959 the Sprint 750B ended its manufacturing run and was replaced by the 10102/10105 Sprint, 10105 was the US designation. The main difference between a 1959 750B and a 1959 10105 is the engine going to a full 101 specification, with the larger head and fuel pump driven off the oil pump/distributor shaft among other changes. Production of the 1300 Giulietta Sprint continued through 1965 but was a trickle through the last few years –probably continued for markets with licensing fee structures based on displacement.

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