Alfa Romeo Guiletta Berlina 750C 101.00(59)

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Alfa Romeo


Guiletta Berlina 750C 101.00(59)





62 bhp, 1,290 cc double overhead-camshaft inline four-cylinder engine, all alloy four-speed manual synchromesh transmission, independent front suspension with coil springs and live axle rear, and four-wheel drum brakes. Wheelbase: 2,380 mm

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta (series 750 and 101) was a compact automobile manufactured by the Italian car maker Alfa Romeo from 1954 to 1965. The Giulietta was introduced at the Turin Motor Show in 1954 and almost 132,000 were built in the Portello factory in Milan. When leaving the Portello factory it originally fitted Pirelli Cinturato 155HR15 tyres (CA67).

The first Giulietta model was a coupé, the Giulietta Sprint, introduced in late 1954. This was followed by a sedan (Berlina) in spring 1955 and in mid 1955, the open two-seat Giulietta Spider, featuring convertible bodywork by Pininfarina. In 1957 more powerful Berlina version, called Giulietta TI (Turismo Internazionale) was presented with minor cosmetic changes to the hood, the dial lights and rear lamps.

Carrozzeria Colli also made the Giulietta station wagon variant called Giulietta Promiscua. 91 examples of this version were built. Carrozzeria Boneschi also made a few station wagon examples called Weekendina.

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