Plymouth GTX 2. Generation 440 Six Pack Hardtop 1970

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GTX 2. Generation 440 Six Pack Hardtop 1970





The 1970 GTX received a minor redesign (new grille and rear taillights) but sales still suffered as the car did not look much different from the Road Runner. Stylists made the lines smoother, and a "power bulge" hood was introduced, as well as non-functional rear brake air scoops. The convertible model was dropped in 1970. The Air Grabber hood was brought back, but instead of having two narrow openings running length-wise as in 1969, it had one opening scoop located on the power bulge. The GTX was available with the standard 440 four-barrel carburetor, as well as the 440+6 barrel (three two-barrel carburetors) and the 426 Hemi. In keeping with the GTX marketing strategy, the 1970 model included many standard features. The only other performance luxury model in Plymouth's lineup was the full-size Sport Fury GT, built on the C-Body platform. The GT was added to the lineup in 1970. The GT never received the recognition of the GTX, even though they shared many performance features. The Sport Fury GT was the full-size member of The Rapid Transit System. The Sport Fury GT was often viewed as more of a mature gentleman's performance luxury car. Also, GTX is one of the most sought after Plymouth models ever produced.

Sold for: 165000 USD
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