Salmson GS S Sports Tourer 1926

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GS S Sports Tourer 1926





The Billancourt factory became the car manufacturing plant directed by Emile Petit. As the firm had no direct car design expertise they started by building the British GN cyclecar under licence, displaying six cars at the 1919 Paris Salon.
In 1922 the car part of the business became a separate company, named Société des Moteurs Salmson.
The first Salmson car proper used a four-cylinder engine designed by Petit with unusual valve gear: a single pushrod actuated both inlet and exhaust valves pushing to open the exhaust and pulling to open the inlet. This was used in the AL models from 1921. Later the same year the company built its first twin-overhead-cam engine, which was fitted to the 1922 D-type, although most production at first used the pushrod engine.
In 1926, Salmson introduced the Grand Sport (GS) model powered by its famous double-overhead-camshaft 1100cc engine producing 40 horsepower. Salmson won 550 automobile races and set ten world records (1921-28) before closing the racing department in 1929. The S-series cars took over from the D-type, starting in 1929 and becoming a long lived series.

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