Ford Galaxie 2. Generation 500 Q-Code Hardtop 1964

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Galaxie 2. Generation 500 Q-Code Hardtop 1964





Model year 1964 was the fourth and final year of this body style. Interior trim was altered, and the exterior featured a more sculpted look which was actually designed to make the car more aerodynamic for NASCAR. The formal-roof "boxtop" style was replaced by a slanted-roof design for all non-wagon or convertible models, including sedans. The base 300 was replaced by a line of Custom and Custom 500 models. The 289 continued as the base V8 and was standard in the XL series. XL models got new thin-shell bucket seats with chrome trim. Federal regulations now required lap-style safety belts for both front outboard occupants.

The 427 cu in (7.0 l) engine was used in 50 lightweight fiberglass-equipped cars for drag racing. These competed in North America but were still too heavy and Ford introduced the lightweight Fairlane Thunderbolt.

The Ford Country Squire station wagon, while wearing "Country Squire" badging, was actually part of the Galaxie 500 line. Some Country Squires had "Galaxie 500" badging on the glovebox indicating the series name. These wagons featured the same trims as Galaxie 500s, and were a step up from the base-model Country Sedan.

The lightweight 1964 Ford Galaxie fastbacks were the last of the drag-racing models Ford released on the full-size model line. These cars were built as “insurance” in case the new smaller Thunderbolt Fairlanes were disallowed by the NHRA. Since the T-bolts fit well into Super Stock, the Galaxies were raced in a new category NHRA named AA/Stock. 50 Galaxie Lightweights built in 1964

Sold for: 1960-1964
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