Matheson Big four 50HP Seven Passenger Touring

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Big four 50HP Seven Passenger Touring





The Matheson was an American automobile manufactured from 1903 to 1912. The President of the company was Charles Walter Matheson, born Grand Rapids, Michigan, March 22, 1876. His brother, Frank F. Matheson served as company secretary.

The first production of the Matheson Motor Car Company was shipped from Grand Rapids in July, 1903.

In 1903, Matheson acquired the assets of the Holyoke Automobile Company, and relocated production to Holyoke, Massachusetts.

The business community in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, was keen to attract and invest in manufacturing. In 1906, a new Matheson factory was opened in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania. Some 35 skilled employees transferred from the old works in Holyoke, Massachusetts. In the spring of 1913, heavily discounted cars were being sold off by the receiver.

In 1919, the Owen Magnetic Motor Car Company occupied the old Matheson works and in 1920 resumed production of the Owen Magnetic car.

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