Oldsmobile 98 Generation 6 1959 Convertible

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98 Generation 6 1959 Convertible





For 1959, the Oldsmobile line-up was completely redesigned. However, unlike other GM makes (such as Chevrolet and Cadillac) Oldsmobile continued to use a full perimeter frame, instead of the GM X-frame. The Ninety-Eight shared its appearance with the Oldsmobile 88. Oldsmobile stayed with its top series format by offering four body styles on an exclusive 126.3 in (3,208 mm) wheelbase: a four-door sedan, a two-door hardtop, a four-door hardtop and a convertible. For 1959 and 1960 only, the hardtop body styles were dubbed "Holiday SceniCoupe" and "Holiday SportSedan" respectively, while the convertible continued the traditional "Convertible Coupe" moniker. Each body style had a distinctive greenhouse, shared with other 1959 GM cars. The 4-door sedan had six side windows and a sloping roof; the 2-door hardtop had a very large rear window and thin pillars; the 4-door hardtop sported a "floating roof" look, with a large wrap-around rear window. Standard equipment included oil filter, turn signals, air scoop brakes, Safety spectrum speedometer, rocker panel moldings, special emblems, parking brake light, sponge vinyl headliner, deep twist carpeting, electric clock, wheel trim moldings, power steering, power brakes, and Jetaway Hydramatic Drive. Interiors were selected from leather, Morocceen vinyl, or cloth in different colors. Standard tire size was 9 in × 14 in (229 mm × 356 mm). The 394 cu in (6.5 L), the largest first generation Rocket V8, was used from 1959 until 1964.

In 1960, once again the top of the line Oldsmobile series was the Ninety-Eight. Oldsmobile cars were completely restyled, while keeping the underlying structure and rooflines of the 1959 models. All four body styles were carried over, and the four-door sedan was renamed "Celebrity Sedan"—a designation used only one year on the Ninety-Eight, but that was continued on 88 sedans up to 1965. Standard equipment included Safety-vee steering wheel, turn signals, air scoop brakes, electric windshield wipers, safety-spectrum speedometer, carpets with rubber inserts, padded dash, courtesy lamps, wheel trim rings, Star-lite headliner, two-speed windshield wipers, chrome roof side moldings, Jetaway Hydramatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, windshield washers, electric clock, and deep twist carpeting. Upholstery was fabric, leather, or Morocceen in a variety of colors. Tire size was 9 in × 14 in (229 mm × 356 mm). An anti-spin rear axle was optional.

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