Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Competizione 1948

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Alfa Romeo


6C 2500 Competizione 1948





Early in 1946 was decided to use the box section steel frame chassis of the SS, but with shorter wheelbase of 2500mm and the adoption of a rear transfer leaf spring in place of two lateral torsion bars, eliminating the encumbrance in order to lower the chassis. The aluminium body work, designed in Alfa Romeo, was to be manufactured in Alfa Romeo. Even the engine was modified: the camshafts had a new and more stringent listing, the bushings were of different material compression ratio raised up to the high value of 9,2:1 for the use of gasoline with an octane number greater then 100, larger valves, the lubrication was now of the dry sump type in order to lower the car`s centre of gravity, the radiator for lubricant had delivery pumps, 4-speed all synchromesh gearbox.

The dry weight was down to 850kg which, combined with power of 145-147Hp at 5500rpm and the lower body made in Alfa by a certain Boschetti, allowed the car to easily exceed 200km/h. Three chassis were produced in 1947 with numbers 920.001-003. The first sedan, whose official name was the 6C 2500 C46, “Competizione” or even “Sperimentale”, was ready in 1947 and quit intensively used to conduct tests and experience. The second berlinetta with basically the same body except for a few details, but with better finishing, is sold on April 5 Fronco Rol from Turin, also great amateur pilot. The bare chassis with mechanics of the 920.003, equipped with a 3000cc engine, was sold in 1952 for 8500000 lire.

The 15th Mille Miglia started in May, chassis 920.001 piloting swerved off the road, causing a lot of damage and, such is fate, the second 920.002 also swerved off the road. After accident, a new body was fitted onto chassis 920.001 at Alfa Romeo. In 1953, the car was sold to Mr. William Burke, who had the original body disassembled and replaces with a cabriolet. Subsequently, even this body was dissembled and apparently reassembled on a modified 1900 C chassis, and chassis 920.001 disappeared.

Sold for: 4840000 USD
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