Alfa Romeo 6C 1900 GT Gran Turismo Spider

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Alfa Romeo


6C 1900 GT Gran Turismo Spider





In the mid-1920s, Alfa's RL was considered too large and heavy, so a new development began. The 2-liter formula that had led to Alfa Romeo winning the Automobile World Championship in 1925, changed to 1.5 liter for the 1926 season. The 6C1500 was introduced in 1925 at Milan, production started 1927, with the P2 Grand Prix car as starting point. Engine capacity was now 1487 cc, against the P2's 1987 cc, while supercharging was dropped. First versions were bodied by Young and Touring.

In 1928, a 6C Sport was released, with a dual overhead camshafts engine. Its sport version won many races, including the 1928 Mille Miglia. Total production was 3000 (200 with DOHC engine). Ten copies of a supercharged (compressore, compressor) Super Sport variant were also made.

The last derivative of the original 1500 version, the 6C 1900 with an 1917 cc engine by an indrease of 68mm in the bore and adopting an aluminium alloy cylinder head, was introduced in 1933, now with an aluminium head for the first time. With 68 brake horsepower this version could achieve a top speed of 130 kilometres per hour (81 mph). It was an aspirated version that was intended for sedans and Gran Turismo vehicles, to make the operation of the engine even sweeter. The 1900 version is very rare as only 197 copies were made before it was replaced by the 6C 2300.

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